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The Most Advanced Camo on the Planet

To keep you hidden, Veil uses deep research and development.  We could make the coolest looking patterns out there, but it doesn't matter unless it helps you hide and succeed in your pursuits. Everything we do has a purpose, and that purpose is your success. 


Over 100 years of research fuel the core of our concealment design.  We’ve peeled back the layers of history to find every concept, theory, and principle to keep you hidden.

Deer Vision: How it works

Turkey Vision

Natural Bias

The natural world ebbs and flows, grows and changes in a specific way.  Concepts like the golden ratio, fractals, and chaos theory are all harnessed so your concealment is more at home and evasive where you’re going.

The Future is Now - The Veil Camo Biome Engine™ 

The rapid advances in computer vision and machine learning might take your job someday, but not before it helps Veil deliver you better camo.  We created a machine learning system that understands what the natural world looks like, allowing us to regrow concealment in the likeness of the environment you are hunting.  It’s basically a force multiplier on everything else we put into the Veil Camo family of patterns. Yes, it was expensive. You’re welcome.