We dont have clients.


From the very beginning, we set out to build meaningful brand identity and clear differentiation for our brand partners.  By combining the most advanced camouflage development with a completely vertical supply chain, we bring  performance, appeal, and identity to brands looking to stand out and grab the consumers attention.

Push out beyond the pack. BE ICONIC

Industry leading concealment

We’ve been busy.
Veil Camo is known for developing the most effective camouflage in the industry. Starting with a partnership with First Lite in 2012, we have gone on to bring over 40 patterns to market through a wide range of incredible partners.

Veil combines the most advanced concepts in concealment with mathematical formulae found in the natural world, data on animal vision, machine learning, and more.  

Veil Camo works closely with our partners to ensure the camouflage patterns are extensions of the brand and provide a meaningful difference for their consumers.


Secret Sauce: ..Our Supply Chain

We source and build for a majority of our brand partners.  Through ushering forth over 40 camo patterns into the market in the last decade, we have had the opportunity to create a high quality, competitive, and vertical model that can slip stream into any part of your existing supply chain.  It’s built around color consistency and quality that you can rely on.

It’s a huge advantage and ready for whatever you can throw at it.


Our Prostaff = Your Prostaff

This isnt the field of dreams.  If you dont shout it from the rooftops, no one will play.  This is why we have formed one the most diverse and engaging groups of dedicated outdoor/hunting/angling prostaffers in the business.

We work with our prostaff to focus on our partners’ product that matches their pursuits and unique style of story telling so its a great fit for our partner brands’ goals.

We coordinate and run content summits as well as ongoing content creation for our partners that showcases the incredible patterns on great gear in inspiring locations that move your audience.