Life is made up of moments—some normal...and some that define you.


We push against conformity. That's part of who we are. We challenge the limitations that stand in the way of progress.  We are seeking the best...and the most honest...in ourselves to stay true to what we know is right, and to define the moments that matter.


Our story started in a tree stand looking across a field into the timber.  We saw a connection in the chaos. That’s when we decided to find a way to bring about meaningfully better camouflage.


Veil Camo’s entire drive is to change what is possible for those who demand more.  We are tired of doing this the old way.  The time has come to reinvent what concealment can do…and bring real advantage for when it matters most.


We're changing things. We’re combining solid camouflage principles with research data on vision and perception compiled by wildlife research scientists and fusing it with the mathematical ideas found in the form and chaos of the natural world. All of this is threaded together in visual ways never done before.  We want to make it easier for the best brands in the industry to bring more distinct and powerful concealment into the market to elevate the experience and the defining moments.


That’s what Veil Camo is all about—pushing the industry forward with scientifically engineered concealment for people who care about the same things we do.



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Scientifically Engineered Concealment Technologies



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