For the full spectrum of the ungulate family


Cervidae is built to perform at the highest possible level, giving demanding hunters the concealment they need.  Cervidae is supremely powerful, obliterating human form, distorting perceived distance, and confusing sense of movement.  Because of its design features, cervidae works across the spectrum of the ungulate family in their natural environments.  That means dominating in all subalpine environments throughout the world.



We dug deep into research on the entirety of the ungulate’s vision, perception, behavior and habitats to inform this aggressive design.  The ungulate family sees and perceives the world around them in a very specific way.  Understanding as much about their abilities as possible was crucial to informing and perfecting Cervidae.

The shapes and distortions in Cervidae are all carefully designed to fill a specific set of needs for the demanding hunter.  While members of the ungulate family have what we would consider poor vision, they are very good at identifying shape, and are highly sensitive to movement.  Cervidae is built to confuse those perceptions and sensitivities, granting the dedicated  hunter concealment like no other.






HID3™  is an all-terrain concealment platform unlike anything else.  Formed purely from visual biases and cues taken from all over north america, HID3™ represents a paradigm shift in what concealment can do for the hunter.  It was designed with the sole purpose of redefining form and function, taking the dedicated hunter all over the map. It’s unique blend of shape and color is built to conceal at any distance making it ideal for both bow and rifle hunting. From hardwoods to big skies, HID3™ takes you there unseen.


HID3™’s use of large and small breakup disrupts the human outline and blends you into your surroundings in almost any environment and at any distance.  Its unique look is a result of a careful blending of proven camouflage principles utilizing shapes, colors and distortions based on visual biases found throughout the natural world, as well as deep research into animal vision.  




An exclusive for licensing on women's products

Cumbre™ is the culmination of a deep research and development rooted in the core process Veil Camo™ uses to create all our game-changing concealment. Prois™, our partners in this endeavor, helped to refine the end-use requirements and we worked closely to ensure that Cumbre is like nothing that has come before it.

Not only does Cumbre™ have striking looks, these looks are all grounded in years of research and development into the connection between camouflage science, animal vision research, and mathematical concepts found in the form and chaos found in the natural world.  The name “Cumbre” means summit or peak.  Our entire aim with this pattern has been to reach that peak and rise above the rest, and more importantly, make that difference count for those who will benefit - elevating the experience.



Cumbre uses macro disruption and textural disruption that come together in one of the most aggressive, high functioning, and visually distinctive patterns available for western pursuits.  The color palette is a careful combination of tones pulled directly from the environment and used in a careful way to ensure maximum performance.  The blends of browns, grays, greens and tans work together to create disruption that works in open space as well as deep timber.  



-Scalable Disruption - a blend of both Macro and Micro features tuned to the landscape that hides you from close to far.

-Disruptive Mimetic Coloration - a finely tuned color palette drawn from the environment that strengthens both macro and micro disruptive features.

-Animal vision and perception research used in the creation of CUMBRE ensuring highest performance across a wide spectrum of species.

-Mathematical Edge - Shapes and distortion of CUMBRE were heavily modified using mathematical algorithms based on shapes and visual biases found in the natural world.


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Above and below the treeline.


The Alpine family of patterns is built to hide you wherever your hunt takes you.  Alpine works by obscures your outline, working you into the surroundings in a very specialized way.  Alpine relies on a finely tuned balance of both very old-school, and cutting edge ideas.  Your hunt can take you up and down the mountain, above and below the treeline, into grassy openings, and the rockiest outcroppings.  This is the pattern family for hunters that know no boundaries.  




We knew creating this pattern platform would be a challenging task. To move forward, we looked back to several techniques used throughout WWI and WWII for inspiration. Alpine blends together these high contrast ideas with our modern and forward leaning process to bring about a camouflage pattern unlike anything else on the market.  Originally conceived for western mountain hunting, we quickly found that its unique shapes and design allowed for color changes making it second to none anywhere on the map.





How the west is won.


Western hunting calls for a very specific set of camo needs.  These skies out here are big.  The setting is enormous.  You’ve got to destroy your outline and blend into the environment yes...but way differently than if you were pursuing prey into the woods.  Your prey knows what their home looks like.  Wideland takes you right into their backyard.




Wideland is a different breed of semi-arid camouflage.  All of the hallmarks of our camo design goes in to our most advanced design available for semi-arid and transitional regions. Designed specifically to be most effective in open environments, Wideland features a carefully tuned set of horizontally oriented macro and micro elements.  Because of its versatility in this environment, it has the ability to travel with you up and down the mountain, through the open plains, and everywhere in between.




For the dedicated waterfowl hunter.


Decoys are out.  You’ve been conserving your movement.  Patience and timing is everything. Last thing you want is to spook your prey. Devastating in wetlands and grasslands, Drifter is built specifically to confuse and evade waterfowl detection.  We referenced detailed research in to waterfowl vision, perception, and behavior to ensure we pushed what's possible in a waterfowl pattern.  It’s feature set adds up to create an unmatched advantage for the waterfowl hunter.  





We built this based off of the way waterfowl see.  Complex and confusing, the cell-like distortions fill the pattern by pushing, pulling, and smearing both color, sense of light/shadow, depth and focus.


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