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VEIL® Chaos 300 Blind.

  • WEIGHT 237 oz | 6713 g
  • PROTECTION Quick Drying | Water-resistant
    • Body:  300 D Polyester
    • Frame: Fiberglass poles & hubs
    • Hub To Hub: 72"x72"
    • Footprint: 58"x58"
  • PATTERN Veil® Camo - Rush | Veil® Camo - Grind

Veil® Camo’s technology is the best of the best, keeping you concealed with Veil’s® scientifically proven Rush & Grind camo patterns. Hauling to & from is a breeze with the backpack style tote bag alleviating wear & tear on both the blind & you. Set up in a snap with high visibility ground stake pockets, 2-row brush stubble straps & easy pop-up construction. Ground skirt equipped, along with lightweight fiberglass hub poles, the Veil Chaos 300 Blind includes both ground stakes & tie outs. VEIL-Shield water resistant & 300 D polyester PU coating keeps you protected when unexpected inclement weather hits. We call this The Covert Comfort Inn for a reason!  With a spacious 65” of headroom it’s up to 3-person compatible. 180° mesh panels & complete 270° panoramic view allows you to see them before they see you.  72” hub to hub shooting width & silent slide window panels with a rear, line of site window makes this Veil’s biggest “bang for the buck” yet!

  • Backpack Style Tote Bag
  • Easy Pop-Up Construction
  • 3 Person Compatible
  • Spacious 65” Height
  • Durable 5 Hub Design
  • 180° 1-Way See Through Mesh Panels
  • Complete 270° Panoramic Viewing
  • 72” Hub To Hub Shooting Width
  • Silent Slide Window Panels
  • Rear Line Of Site Window
  • 2-Row Brush Stubble Straps
  • Ground Skirt Equipped
  • Lightweight Fiberglass Hub Poles
  • High Visibility Ground Stake Pockets
  • Includes Ground Stakes & Tie Outs
  • 300 D Polyester PU Coated
  • VEIL-Shield Water Resistant Coating
  • Fire Retardant 
  • 180° Mesh Panels
  • Complete 270° Panoramic Viewing
  • VEIL-Shield Water-Resistant Coating
  • Silent Slide Window Panels
  • 300 D Polyester PU Coated
  • Veil® Camo – Rush & Grind
  • Fire Retardant

Wipe with a damp cloth.  Use any non-scented detergent to spot clean any needed areas.  Air dry and pack away when ready for next use.